Useful Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Whether you wear glasses constantly or you alternate them with contact lenses, the makeup when wearing such accessories should be a little different. Here are some tricks that you must know:

1. Use a pale eye shadow

Eyelids should be bright, which is why you need to give up the dark shadows. Dark shadows accentuate the darker areas above and below the eye. To highlight your eyes is better to choose a pastel shade, light gray, dusty pink, beige or white pearl.

2. The eyeliner should be lighter than the rims of the glasses

Because you want to highlight your eye color, the eyeliner you use must be a shade or two lighter than the rims of the glasses. Otherwise, it will be confused with the frames and it will seem like you’re wearing two pairs of glasses. In addition, a more delicate color will be unobtrusive.

3. Wear an eye shadow that matches your eyes

Remember, however, that the upper eyelid must have a light color. Thus, if you have green eyes, you can wear a purple eye shadow, with some lighter tones. You can also use a light brick red hue. For brown eyes, a light blue or green eye shadow is perfect. And for blue eyes use a scarlet or pink eye shadow.

4. White pencil works wonders

Because you can lose your eyes beyond the glasses, you can make them bigger and brighter using white pencil. Applied inside the lower eyelid, from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, it will give the impression of bigger and brighter eyes.

 5. Use a lighter concealer

The concealer should also be a shade or two lighter than commonly used. Do not forget that the main attraction when you wear glasses, are your eyes, not the spectacle frames. So you must do everything possible to concentrate on the eyes.

6. Fixing powder

When you use foundation, it can transfer on the frames, no matter how transfer resistant it is. A fine powder that sets the makeup is ideal if you want to keep your makeup intact.