Foundation Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Makeup is an art, a complex one if you ask me. Often we make mistakes starting with the application of basic products, like foundation. The following six are the most common mistakes we make when applying the foundation:

  1. We buy or test foundation in a poor light

Most stores have a fluorescent light that changes or influences the skin tone, so if there the new foundation looks flawless, in a natural light we could have a surprise. To find the perfect shade, we have to apply it on a small area of our skin and look in the mirror but in natural light. For example, find the nearest window and look in the mirror.

  1. We forget important parts of the face

We often forget the cheeks or the top of the forehead. For a more natural look, we must always take care to cover the face completely when we apply makeup.

  1. We don’t change the foundation shade depending on the season

Skin color changes with the seasons and throughout the year it can have many shades. So that foundation color that looks good in winter may not be suitable for summer. It’s better to invest in two shades of foundation, so that we always be prepared according to the season.

  1. We use an inappropriate formula

It all depends on your skin type. If your skin is dry, a liquid foundation is the best choice, because the cream or powder foundation remains impregnated in the fine lines of the face, making it look drier than it is. For oily skin it’s best to opt for a “water-based” or gel foundation.

  1. We use dirty / untidy utensils

Dirty or old brushes and sponges can lead to uneven application of foundation. They also are not hygienic, so we have to make a habit of cleaning them regularly.

  1. We don’t use the utensils properly

Wet the makeup sponge before using it. Then, squeeze well to remove any excess water and easily dab the foundation on the skin.