How to Grow Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

One of the things than women found very attractive having thick and long eyelashes. This is because they add an extra air of mystery and give her a seductive gaze. So, you should pay more attention taking care of your eyelashes.

Follow the next five tips if you want to have beautiful, strong and healthy eyelashes.

  1. It is essential to cleanse your face every night. Mascara, eye shadows and even the glue for false eyelashes contain additives that can affect the growth of your eyelashes, or even stop it. It is ideal to use a cleanser designed specifically for the eye area. This is because mascara is more difficult to remove than other makeup products.

Also, you have to be careful how much pressure you apply when you clean this area. The skin around the eyes is more sensitive, this is why it needs special care.

  1. After removing makeup, use an eyelash conditioner. These products have been specially designed to be applied in this sensitive area and have the same effect as hair conditioner, stimulating and protecting the eyelashes. You can also use olive oil or castor oil, but be very careful when you apply them, to avoid direct eye contact.
  1. After applying the balm / oil brush the eyelashes to ensure a greater coverage of the product. Use a specially designed comb for eyelashes. Remember that this move will remove the excess oil that could enter into the eyes, causing irritation.
  1. Make sure you eat enough lean protein. They will not only help maintain healthy eyelashes, but they are also good for the hair and skin. In the category of lean protein enters: chicken, fish, turkey and soy, essential for cell renewal and absolutely perfect for any diet.
  1. Take vitamins, especially vitamin C. Although changes will be visible only after several months, is one of the best ways to have long and strong eyelashes. The supplement of vitamin C will have a beneficial effect on energy levels and appetite.

Other tips to have spectacular eyelashes:

  • do not use old mascara;
  • do not use any devices to get curved eyelashes (or if you really want to use one, choose one that heats);
  • do not rub your eyes too much.