Quick and Simple Exercises to Get Rid Of Double Chin

You have been studying for a while your double chin in the mirror, but no matter how much you wish to get rid of it, you don’t want to resort to plastic surgery. Firstly, the cut will be aesthetic and secondly you can not afford it financially.

We will teach you how you can get rid of this little fault on your own, without spending any money.

Let’s clarify from the outset how you got that double chin. Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle and you’ve gained some extra kilos lately, either, on the contrary, you have lost weight greatly. Also, this problem may occur with age, since the skin loses its elasticity.

Repeat daily the following exercises in order to work the muscles that can help you get rid of double chin:

  1. Open your mouth

A very effective exercise is to open your mouth as wide as you can and to pull out your tongue, trying to touch your beard with it. Hold for a count of 10 and repeat 10 times. During this exercise you will feel that you chin and neck muscles stretch.

  1. With your head hanging

Sit in a bed or on a couch and let your head hang. Then touch your chest with the beard and do 10 contractions, then let your head again on the back, with a easy movement. Repeat 10 times, then relax.

  1. Raise your chin

Stand with your back straight and eyes forward, then lift your chin to the ceiling and purse your lips like an exaggerated kiss. Stay like this for 10 seconds, then repeat 10 times. After this exercise you will feel like you’ve worked your facial muscles and neck.

  1. Rotate your neck

Sit with your back straight, then rotate your neck so your chin is parallel with the shoulder. Turn your neck slightly on the other side and repeat this 10 times.

  1. Exercise for the muscle called platisma

This muscle is found from the jaw down along the neck, and it is so important that has an exercise of his own. Sit on a chair, with your head leaned back as much as possible. In this position, clinch your teeth until you feel your neck muscles stretching. Remain so while you count to 10, then relax. Repeat twice a day, and over time increase the number of repetitions.