Makeup Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Makeup is one of the easiest ways to highlight your features. Unfortunately, if it is used incorrectly, it can exacerbate exactly the issues you want to camouflage and can add extra-years on your face. Let’s see which are the most common make-up mistakes that make you look older and how to avoid them.

You use too much foundation

Use foundation just to balance the skin tone, without covering minor imperfections, dark circles and pigmentation spots. If you use a large amount of foundation don’t expect to have an effect of younger and perfect skin. It will only make your skin look artificially loaded.

Moreover, when you use too much foundation, the extra product will gather in the wrinkles around the eyes and around the month. This only gives you a prematurely aged appearance.

To correct the color differences:

-use a concealer if you want to light up the eyes, or

-a color corrector, if your goal is to neutralize dark circles or skin discolouration.

To correct skin texture, like dilated pores or fine wrinkles, invest in a silicone primer that fills and blurs the appearance of fine lines and dilated pores.

You smile when you apply blush

You should apply blush this way only if your face would be frozen in a permanent smile. But this is not the case. So, what happens when you apply blush while smiling? The blush position descends once you relax your facial muscles. The result? Your face will seem to lack firmness and elasticity.

The solution is quite simple: Use a blush brush with a size adapted to your face dimensions and apply the blush closer to the cheekbones, not in the center. Move the brush upwards to optical “raise” your features, a trick that you will appreciate especially after the age of 40 years.

You don’t contour your eyebrows

A pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows highlights your features and adds expressiveness. If you manage to highlight your eyebrows properly you don’t even need to apply too much makeup.

To get the most natural effect, fill small gaps using an eyebrows shadow. You can reproduce the appearance of hairs with a well sharpened pencil. Use two eyebrows products with different texture. This will help you recreate the difference in texture that gives the eyebrows a multidimensional effect. This is the key to a look that erases years of your face!

 You use the black eyeliner pencil only on the waterline

Kohl is the secret for obtaining big and beautiful eyes with makeup. To use it to its full potential, apply it to both the waterline and the lower eyelid, creating a smokey effect among the eyelashes.

Use a little matte black eyeshadow for a best blending of the shades. If you want a more discreet look, replace the black pencil with an ivory one: looks more natural than a white one, creates larger eyes and neutralizes the redness of your eyes, after a sleepless night.

You do not know your skin undertone

Choosing a wrong shade for your makeup products, a one that doesn’t matches your skin undertone, can tighten your features and give you a dull and tired look.

Once you have identified the shades that blend into your skin in a harmonious way, you’ll be able to create a makeup that highlights your features. To identify your skin undertone, observe the shade of your wrist veins in natural light: green veins indicate a warm undertone, while the veins in a blue or lilac color introduce you to the category of cold undertone.

Whether you have 18, 28 or 38 years, these make-up mistakes will instantly add 10 years on your face.