How to Slim Your Face: Makeup Tricks That Make Any Woman Happy

There are many women who are satisfied with their body weight, but their facial features make them look a little chubbier than they really are. A pretty simple way to improve this is makeup. Here are 5 tricks that help you achieve a flawless look:

  1. The elongation of physiognomy

The emphasis on the eyes is the first trick that leads to the desired change. The procedure consists of using both eye shadow in sharper shades and more coats of mascara. If you have thin eyebrows, you should know that this makes your face chubby and therefore it is advisable to define your eyebrows with an average thickness and slightly arched to the sides of the face.

To shine and show off your femininity, one the inner corners of your eyes and under the brow arch you sued use a white and shiny shadow. This will emphasize the sensuality of your face.

  1. Modeling the cheekbones

The secret of leaner and sexier cheeks is the right shape of the cheekbones. For this you need a special brush and a powder blush for the cheeks.

To emphasize cheekbones you need to use a blush that is one or two tones darker than your skin. Apply the blush starting from the mid cheeks and ending to the base of the temples. To highlight the supple shaping of the cheeks, use a little skin illuminator on top of the cheekbones.

  1. Sculpting the chin

Do you have double chin? Here are a few tricks to help you get rid of this problem. You’ll need a contour powder kit.

With a brush, apply the powder from behind the ear along the jaw line and to the middle of the chin. Repeat on the opposite side and blend the colors until you don’t see any difference between this and your neck skin color. This procedure will create a shadow, stumping the double chin.

  1. Shape your nose

The nose is the part of the face that stands out the most. The contouring make-up trick is one more time here to save you. For this you need a contour powder and a thin brush. Apply powder through a vertical movement along the sides of the nose. Emphasize the nostrils so that their edges are not so visible.

Blend the powder until you no longer see the lines, but discrete shadows. Finally, use on the middle of the nose a little matte illuminating powder. This will make your nose look straighter and thinner.

  1. Emphasizing lips

The fifth trick that will make your face look slimmer is emphasizing and highlighting some appetizing lips. This trick can be used mainly by women who have thin lips. The first thing you need to do is to outline your lips with a pencil in tone with the color of your skin. After this, apply a gloss on the middle of the lower lip over the lipstick that you have already used. To obtain fleshy and appealing lips, choose to use light shades of lipstick. The darker colors make your lips appear thinner and without volume.