How to Get the Perfect Manicure in 10 Minutes

Unkempt nails blur a woman’s beauty, and although the ladies are concerned about their physical appearance, sometimes they ignore the nail appearance. We come to your aid with valuable advices to get the perfect manicure at home, in just 10 minutes.

Here’s what you have to do:

First, remove the nail polish without staining the skin

Apply a thin layer of hand cream on your hands before starting to remove the nail polish from your nails. Wipe the nails with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, insisting on each nail for 10 seconds. Wipe again with another clean cotton pad. Before applying a new coat of nail polish the nails must be cleaned, to remove dirt that may prevent the nail polish to set and cover the nails properly.

Do not cut the cuticles!

Experts in the field say that you should not cut cuticles, because they protect our nails from bacteria and infections. Instead, you can apply a special oil or gel that softens the skin and peels off the dead cells. You can also keep your fingers in a bowl with warm water, for a few minutes. Then push the cuticles with a special utensil.

Apply a basis for nail polish

This is a very important step, if you want to keep your manicure intact for a longer period of time. Apply the base in a thin layer on clean nails and let it dry. Before the base application is advisable to put some petroleum jelly/hand cream on the cuticles, using a cotton swab, to prevent stains resulting from small accidents.

Apply the nail polish in layers

It is very important to apply two to three thin coats. Wait a minute for the previous layer to dry, before applying the next one. A very thick layer can make the nail polish to peel.

How to dry the nail polish faster?

After applying the nail polish, a problem that cannot be neglected is drying it. Often, a few minutes are not sufficient for the nail polish to dry. Put in a bowl cold water and ice and keep your hands there. Cold water will fix the nail polish and will help it dry faster.

Effective tricks in case of accidents:

If you accidentally touch an almost dry nail, use the tip of the tongue to make the trace disappear like magic. The tongue is very soft to not leave any mark. Turn to this advice only when needed and try not to make this a habit.

Another way to straighten traces produced after small accidents is to apply a little oil on your finger and gently massage the area, to straighten the unevenness.