Little Makeup Secrets with Big Effects

Make-up artists know all the secrets for a perfect look – those little tricks that you can’t know, unless you live and work for the beauty industry. Fortunately, many times they are as generous as they are talented and share their knowledge with us.

Here are 10 little makeup secrets, with big effects:

  1. Apply foundation with moistened fingers or makeup sponge. By doing so your look will be more natural and the foundation will last longer.
  2. Give up the bad habit of applying foundation on neck. You will unnecessary stain your clothes. Foundations have nowadays a transparent texture and natural pigments. You just need to choose the right shade and blend it very well. If you respect these 2 rules you should not see any unsightly demarcation line between the face and the neck.
  3. Foundations in the form of stick, cream or fluid are suitable for dry skin, while for oily skin are indicated the oil-free formulas.
  4. To create the impression of intense and glowing eyes (as Betty Boop’s eyes) use a beige pencil inside the lower eyelid.
  5. To sculpt your cheeks, like Marlene Dietrich, apply a little brown shadow just below the cheekbones.
  6. Here’s a brilliant trick, from Hollywood backstage. Heat the top of your eyeliner pencil using a briquette, wait to cool and contour your eyes. The color will be more intense and you’ll have a longer-lasting makeup.
  7. If you want your lipstick to resist … do not drink coffee, do not drink water and do not eat anything all day. I’m kidding, of course. Dab the first layer using a dry tissue, to remove any excess. Then apply the second layer with a brush. To fix everything, lay a tissue over your mouth and then dust a little translucent powder over the lips.
  8. Use a spoon to contour your eyes if you opt for a cat eye makeup, which gives an intense look.
  9. Use the same spoon when using mascara to prevent traces that you can inadvertently leave on the eyelids.
  10. Draw some lines to the outside of the upper eyelid and blend them to get the conqueror effect of smokey eyes.