How to Pluck the Perfect Eyebrows

I think you’ve got no doubt that properly plucked eyebrows can change your whole physiognomy. Professionals know this, so they resort to little tricks for big effects.

We have learned some of these tricks and we are eager to share them with you.

  1. The correct shape

The eyebrow shape should not differ too much from its natural line. The important thing is to be cleaner, defined, and in any case not very thin. So, work with caution.

Eyebrows should match your style and facial morphology: if you’re mignon and have delicate features, opt for a fine line. If you have a sporty allure, it makes no sense to try something sophisticated. Keep the line of your eyebrows more natural. If your eyes are small and close, then yes – you must have a perfect definition with a flawless shape.

  1. Avoid the wax

Because the idea is to pluck your eyebrows at home, we recommend you to stay away from the wax. Use only the tweezers, because one single hair taken from the wrong place can ruin everything.

  1. Necessary tools

Besides the classic tweezers, ensure that you have a toothbrush, scissors and a pencil. The toothbrush will help you shape your eyebrows. Using the scissors you can cut everything extra and with a special pen you can draw some lines if you want to work easier.

  1. Mark the key points

Before you start, mark the key points. Eyebrows should begin from the imaginary line that forms between the outer corner of the mouth, nostril and inner corner of eye. The area of maximum curvature must match the imaginary line that forms between nostril and iris. And finally, the eyebrows must finish at the bottom of the line that connects the outer corner of the eye and the nostril.

  1. Clean the area

Prepare the area around the eyes before you begin plucking. Clean the area well and use a toner. Avoid applying cream after finishing, because you can irritate the area.

  1. Use proper technique

Once you have established the key points, just arm yourself with patience. Do not pluck many hairs at once, but start plucking in rows. Start at the bottom and also from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of eye.

  1. Outline your eyebrows

Outline your eyebrows with a pencil or a brush. This way you can see exactly if both eyebrows are the same shape and if the distance between them is equal.

It is good to know that if you made a small mistake, like plucking a few hairs that you shouldn’t have, you can fill the gap with pencil or eyeshadow. Within days, the hairs should grow back.