How to Make Your Own Bio Blush

Homemade beauty products have the advantage that are 100% natural, thus giving us a healthy alternative to commercial products which are often full of parabens and other chemicals. Depending on your preference and skin tone, try one of the options below: peach and rose.

Recipe for natural blush – peach shade

Do you want to have a bio blush that helps you give the impression that your skin has been kissed by the sun? Prepare it yourself! You only need 3-4 ingredients, depending on the tone you want to achieve, darker or lighter.


– Half a teaspoon of powdered arrowroot;

– Half a teaspoon of organic cocoa;

– Half a teaspoon of powdered hibiscus;

– Little food coloring in the peach color (optional).

Method of preparation:

This is the classic recipe for preparing a bio blush, but you can do experiments with quantities of ingredients until you get a shade that is to your liking. Mix well all ingredients. If you want to get a darker shade, don’t use the food coloring in peach shade. It is important to start with the base – arrowroot powder. To see if the hue obtained is what you desire, test the product on the cheek, then store it in a tightly sealed container. You can purchase one from the store or you can use one that you already have in house.

Recipe for bio blush – rose shade

A rosy cheeks gives the impression of health and freshness, and the blush is your makeup trick that helps you get this effect without much effort.


– Half a teaspoon of powdered beetroot;

– Half a tablespoon of arrowroot powder;

– Half a tablespoon of cocoa;

– Half a teaspoon of powdered ginger (optional).

Method of preparation:

Put half a tablespoon of powdered beetroot in a bowl, then add the other ingredients. To get a tone that suits you, test gradually the quantities added. Consider that arrowroot powder lightens, the cocoa darkens and the ginger gives a little shine.

Once you have achieved the desired result, store the product in a container and use it with confidence every time you makeup.