How to Look Younger Using Makeup

Every woman wants to look stylish, young and fresh as long as possible. An active and healthy lifestyle, including exercises, sunscreen lotion and giving up vices are essential steps for a younger appearance.

Beyond these golden rules for a long and beautiful life, makeup artists and stylists offer us some precious tricks.

Glow, not glitter

A young skin is light, fresh and elastic! With age, our skin loses its shine, becomes dull and black spots caused by smoking or exposure to the sun, begin to betray our true age.

How to look younger? A good illuminator is the answer! Applied to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and above the arch of Cupid, this miracle cosmetic will instantly erase 10 years from our face. Also, makeup artists advise us to give up mate foundations and compact powders. They load the skin and act as a mask, making us look older. We can rely instead on a foundation with medium coverage and anti aging attributes.

A good concealer is the ally to a forever young look

We do not speak only of the superpower of a good concealer to camouflage imperfections, but especially of its enlightening attributes. Want to know how to look younger? Never forget to apply a creamy concealer in the area under the eyes, around the nose and on the lip contour! Even if you don’t use makeup, this is a step that you cannot overlook.

Use a few tricks instead of lifting

You can look younger if you know how to hide your droopy eyelids. Apply an eyeshadow in shades of champagne or peach on the eyelash line and a darker shade in the crease. Your eyes will seem larger, and your look will be fresher!

Mascara, the heroine of eternal youth

Unfortunately, as we age, the eyelashes start falling. It’s time to invest in a quality mascara that would target volume and curved eyelashes. They will “open” the look and will bring back the burning “gaze” that captured so many hearts!

Eyebrows are very important

Besides the fact that it is essential to quit overly plucked eyebrows (at any age) and it is a must to use a pencil or eye shadow with which to cover any gaps, it is equally important the form of your eyebrows. Do not arch your eyebrows a lot, because it will give you an air of perpetual wonder and will resemble with a rejuvenation surgery… badly executed.

Brown instead of black

Black tightens the aging traits and physiognomy: it is a lesson you have to learn if you’re wondering how to look younger! Replace black mascara and eyeliner with shades of brown, much warmer and flattering.

Choose a shade with 2 tones lighter than your natural hair

Want to look younger? Ditch the black! Lighter hair will light up your features and will warm your skin. Eva Longoria is a gorgeous brunette beauty, but with the passing years, she replaced the ebony hair with delicious brown reflections!