Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Sunburns Overnight

Sunburns are a common problem during the summer. They represent a danger for your skin health, because they dehydrate the skin, causing inflammation and damaging the surface layer of the epidermis.

Herbal remedies against sunburn not only help relieve symptoms and discomfort, but also have a key role in skin regeneration. Here are the most effective natural methods of treating sunburns:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the plant most commonly used to treat sunburns. Extracts of it are found in the majority of pharmaceutical products recommended against this problem. It has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that help relieve symptoms and reduce the discomfort.


Vinegar, especially cider apple vinegar, is one of the most popular remedies for the treatment of sunburns. It has antiseptic properties and cools the skin. Vinegar must not be added directly to the affected area. To relieve symptoms, mix two cups of apple cider vinegar in the bathtub filled with warm water and sit in it for 10-15 minutes.

Vinegar helps if blisters were formed. Diluted with water, it will hasten their drying process.


Honey is one of the best natural treatments against sunburn, used since antiquity. Some experts say that applying honey on skin burnt areas would have more beneficial effects than creams with antibiotics. It helps you reduce the risk of infection, accelerate healing. Also pain is quickly removed.

If you apply it when you start to feel the first signs of discomfort, it can prevent skin peeling.

Ice and cold showers

If you feel your skin hot, it’s time to turn to the cooling process, to return your body temperature to normal.

One of the reasons why you feel your skin burning is the increased blood flow to the skin. A cool shower will help you feel better and will constrict blood vessels. Both compresses with ice and cold showers help reduce the burning sensation and the pain caused by more severe burns, adjusting the body temperature.


Cold milk compresses can do wonders for your skin affected by ruthless sun rays. Milk protein creates a film on the skin, which reduces discomfort, and the accumulated heat to the epidermis.


One of the positive effects of tomatoes on the body refers to preventing sunburn. The lycopene contained by tomatoes helps to heal sunburn, not just to prevention them. So, if you apply a paste made of crushed red pulp before sun exposure you will prevent burns.


Cucumber has useful properties that reduce the symptoms caused by sunburn by absorbing excess heat from the skin and soothing the pain. You can apply it directly to the skin (slices of cucumber) or you can blend it with milk, then you can apply the resulting composition on the burns. Leave to act for about 30 minutes and then rinse carefully.

Do not forget! Physicians says the best treatment of sunburn remains prevention. Follow all prevention methods – from clothing to sunscreen lotions – before leaving the house. This way you will avoid going through all these unpleasant symptoms caused by sunburns. If you experience symptoms such as fever or feelings of nausea, consult a physician.