How to Dye Your Hair Naturally at Home

If you want to have a hair as healthy as possible, it is good to care it in a natural way. The same rule applies if you want to dye it. It may sound odd, but we assure you that there are ways to change hair color that you certainly do not know.

And the best part is that these methods do not involve the use of dyes from the market, that can damage the hair. So here is how you change your hair color in a natural way:

Use chamomile tea

Chamomile has many medicinal properties but can be also used as… hair dye. The plant helps you lighten your hair color. Mix about 250 grams of chamomile with a liter of water and put it all to boil. Let the mixture boil for half an hour, then take it off the heat and strain it through cheesecloth.

Wash your head with shampoo and after rinsing with water, keep your head over a bowl and pour the solution of chamomile. Repeat this last step several times and finally wrap your hair with a towel. The results will be amazing!

Use lemon juice

Lemon juice is used for lightening hair. Squeeze two lemons in a liter of water. The process is identical to that in the case of chamomile. However, the water should not be boiling.

Use henna

Henna is a plant used since ancient times for hair coloring. By using it, you get a shade of red.

Although there are various shades of henna in trade, they are obtained by combining the henna plant with various additives, so the final result depends heavily on these additives.   The substance is applied directly on the clean hair but we advise you at first try only a strand, to see if the result are satisfying.

Use coffee

Coffee can darken so much your hair color, that you’ll seem to be a natural brunette! So if you want this result, do a liter of highly concentrated coffee and strain it when she is ready. Rinse your hair a few times and let the coffee to act, without rinsing.

Use nutshell

Nutshell is one of the oldest hair dyes. Using nutshell you can get a dark hair color and the effect is especially noticeable if you have fair skin.

Boil a handful of nutshell in a liter of water, until you get a dark solution, then rinse your hair with it and leave it to act. Do not rinse your hair afterwards.

Note that if you use one of the the above methods to dye your hair, the color won’t stay a long time. But your hair will be healthy